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Ingredients in hair gel

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Check out the ingredients on your favorite brand of hair gel. Water is a primary component. Other ingredients are polymers known to us as plastics, plasticizers, perfumes, glistening agents and colors. All the above mentioned ingredients dissolve in water. The polymers used are polyelectrolyte polymers. This polymer lets the gel elongate and formulates it to become further glue-like. The stretched out polymer acquires extra space and as a result opposes the gush of solvent molecules in and around the region.


The positive charge from the polymer lets the gel bind to the negative charge from the amino acids of hair. Hair is made of keratin molecules that have plenty of amino acid. Polymers act rigid and hold your hairstyle in position, even defying gravity. When the gel is applied on the hair, the water evaporates and the thin film of polymer that is left back provides the grip for your hair.


Different hair gels can be compared on the basis of chemical composition. The polymers and the plasticizers are combined in various proportions. Flexibility, stiffness, elasticity and moisture resistance of the polymer film that is built around the hair is adapted by the plasticizers. Color, perfume and glossiness also contribute to the uniqueness of each brand and give you a variety to choose from.


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