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Solution for dry hand

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Do you feel embarrassed to remove your hand in front of public or near your guests? Yes, it is a matter of concern if you are suffering from dry, rough and stretchy skin in your hand. We all know that our hand is the first thing that get noticed when handshaking. It can probably create bad impression. Think of the situation when your dry skin layer pricks some one’s hand while shaking hand.


Before this happens you better take precautions. Women are the suffers because they perform the maximum household work. They use water frequently.


Keep your hand away from water as possible as you can. Touching water regularly really dries up moisture of skin making it rough and patchy. If it goes beyond your own treatment consult your dermatologist. Use hand cream as often as you can. It will help to retain moisture in skin.


While washing hand you can do the trick, avoid washing repeatedly backs of hands. Wash your palm much more oftenly.  Don’t forget to apply lotion instead of soap. Soap dries your skin easily. Wipe it with tissue paper.


If possible try to bath oil treatment. This will definitely give better result than using soap. If the problem is severing, use intensive lotion which is specially made for dry hand.


Put hand plastic gloves while doing the cleaning. Do not let water percolate inside the glove to damage your hand skin. Always remember to wear them whenever you use water.


The problem can be cured through home remedies. Frequent washing should be strictly avoided if you are suffering from dry, chapped and rough skin in your hand. The skin portion in the upper hand is very delicate unlike the palm, which is thicker. Take care of your hand and flatter the fingers with beautiful nail paints.


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