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Hair care for Kids

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There are number of useful tips which you can follow for maintaining your child’s hair.


Teach healthy hair habits to your kids:

Kids learn from their parents. If they see their parents use lot of hair products they also want to do the same. Try to teach healthy hair care habits to your children like washing and brushing hair on a frequent basis.


Tips for Hair care for Kids:

Wash the hair of your kids with a mild shampoo. Try to buy shampoos which are packaged in fancy bottles. Kids love to wash their hair with a fun shampoo.


Combing or brushing -Encourage your kid to comb and brush their hair all by themselves. Comb their hair gently to get rid of tangles. Do not use a brush on wet hair as it may lead to hair breakage.


Hair accessories -Buy good quality of combs and brushes for your kids. You can also buy some hair friendly clips as these clips decrease the chance of hair tangling. Do not use hairclips which have sharp teeth for your kids as these hair clips may cause hair damage.


Use Shea butter for the hair conditioning of your kids. Shea butter works as sunscreen and it is a best option to manage curly hair. You can apply Shea butter on dry and rough hair just after a shower.


Apply conditioner regularly on curly hair. Use conditioner on a frequent basis if your kid’s hair is curly and long. This will prevent hair breakage.


Tips for managing Tangles-:

Is managing tangles of your kid’s hair a nightmare for you? If the answer is “yes” then listed below are some of the tips to manage hair tangling.


Use a leave-in detangler on the knot of your kid’s hair before you comb it.


Use a wide toothed comb to comb hair when it is wet. Kids with curly hair need conditioner too.


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