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Choose a good perfume

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Remember Al Paccino's memorable lines in the "Scent of a Woman?" Who does not like to hang out with someone smelling good?


A good fragrance works like a magic spell and makes you stand out in a gathering. The coolest thing about applying a perfume is-it can be your signature scent, drawing everyone's attention wherever you go!


Each perfume has a unique fragrance and is meant to strike chemistry with the person wearing it. Pick a fragrance that complements your personality and gels with the mood of the occasion. For ex-while at work, you can use deodorants and body sprays with natural flavors whereas bold or strong scents can be used during parties or at more informal occasions.


While testing a perfume, always apply the scents to your pulse points first since this is where the blood vessels are closest to the skin and tend to give off more warmth and spread the scent around.


Watch out for any allergies and irritant reactions in case you're allergic to a fragrance.


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