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How to produce self-made environmental protection detergent

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1stsoda, sodium bicarbonate detergent.

In the trough puts the clear water abundantly, joins 1~2 grams sodium bicarbonates or the soda, after full dissolution , put the washing fruits and vegetables. Soaking 5~10 minutes, uses the clear water to clean again then. Sodium bicarbonate, soda doesn’t have any toxicity, this method clean is security, reliable. Because the sodium ion does not have the toxicity, the carbonic acid radical ion and the carbonic acid hydrogen radical ion enters to the human body in may turn the carbon dioxide and the water.
2nd, self-made soybean fruits and vegetables detergent. 
The water used boils the soybean ripe, after the bean, bails out the bean, after become cool loading in the bottle, puts in the refrigerator to refrigerate, then becomes the soybean fruits and vegetables detergent. Each time when clean vegetables, fruit, preoccupies the soybean detergent 5~10 milliliters, put in the clear water, will treat washes the vegetables, the fruit to soak 10 minutes, uses the clear water to clean again. The soybean includes the soybean soap glucoside, it is the natural detergent. The soap glucoside has the soap same characteristic, can produce the rich froth, has the decontamination function. Does not use the worry pesticide residue question with this detergent, because boils the soybean the water is may drink.

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