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What the difference between bathes dew and the hand soap ?

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How to select bathes product?

At present in the market bathes product have bathes the fluid (dew) and the scented soap. Generally, mid or dry skin or in the quite dry season, should use moistens bathe dew, provides during help flesh moisturizer's must the nutrition. The use, can cause the flesh frequently to be tender and to be smooth. In hot summer, neat bathes dew quite to be suitable, both may the clean flesh, and can make the whole body flesh cool comfortable, and has not tied tight feeling.

How does choose the good hand soap?

A, Has the full clearing power and can prevent the dirt redeposit. B, The froth are rich, but easy to flush. C, Has with the skin close PH value, the neutrality or the slight acidity. D, Has the suitable viscosity and the luster, the stability is good. E, The sterilizing effect is good.

Obviously, the hand soap, the major function, lies in the sterilization. But bath soap,the goal is for cleaning body. The emphasis point is different.

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