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Automobile glass cleaning

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    Friends, let me you the clean maintenance of the automobile glass: the automobile glass is not transparent or unclean, not only will affect the chassis artisticly attractive, will drive to the vehicle owner to the safe hidden danger. Especially rains the weather and the fog weather, the glass is unclean is easy to hang the water drop and to form the fog, because in the mist forming process, the moisture take glass's on contamination as the core, has formed the tiny droplet, serious influence line of sight. On the front bumper glass, the reflector and the side keep off the rain water if not prompt eliminates, the driving field of vision will receive affects, extremely easy to create the traffic accident. However in normal drives in the process, the rain water is very difficult to eliminate promptly. Therefore we need some automobile glass clean maintenance product.

1.      Glass cleaner: The conventional glass cleaner, mainly refers to the commonly used glass water, divides antifreezing and not antifreezing. The antifreezing glass water may guarantee that the automobile glass may clean under the low temperature.

2.      De-Icer: The heavy snow day and the arctic weather, on the automobile glass the cover has snow and ice, eliminates by the shovel ice tool is difficult and easy to injure the glass surface, simultaneously eliminates slowly. Therefore may use the de-icer, the gas spray pot form packing, facilitates reduces effort, may when - 50 uses, brings enormously for the vehicle owner convenient.

3. Lubricant film cleanser: Elimination glass outside surface lubricant film. May carry on directly on the glass smudges, but may also the replenishment in the water tank, by the nozzle injection on the glass, blow uniform with the rain, eliminates the glass surface lubricant film level. And in the market condition high quality glass water can take the lubricant film cleanser, the clean strength is slightly strong, basic may think that is the high quality glass cleaner.

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