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Some expert tips on how to properly wash a car

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Tip #1: Wash from the top down
This is basic car cleaning knowledge. But it is so essential that it deserves mentioning nonetheless. Soap the car as you would your body in the shower—that is, starting from the top and slowly working your way down. This way you save time and effort by allowing the water and soap suds from the roof to flow down and sheet off the whole car.


Tip #2: Never use sponge to rinse and wet the car
Just use standard tap water. Sponge soaks anything that touches it: water, soap, dust, and even grits! Rubbing the exterior with a sponge allows it to act like sandpaper against the dirty surface, and next thing you know there's a big nasty scrape on the hood of the car. A combination of a high pressure hose and water is still the best option.


Tip #3: Be thorough on the wheels
The wheels and tires is where 90% of the dirt from the road ends up on your car. So it's best you use lots of soapy water and do lots of scrubbing along these parts when washing the car. The wheels are the parts of the car closest to the road, and you better take good care of them if you want to take good care of your car.


Tip #4: Know the difference between pre-wash and main wash
During pre-wash, use lots of water and a bit of pre-wash soap, or soap that doesn't foam or form lots of bubbles. This is to remove grits from the surface of the car and prepare it for the main wash. For the main wash use high quality car shampoo, and then polish afterwards for a shinier look.


Tip #5: Be careful with the glass
This is going to sound odd but you can use old newspaper to clean the windows; the newsprint acts as polish on dry glass. Never use house glass cleaner on car windows.


Tip #6: Look for a shady spot to wash the car
Some people think cars should be washed in a sunny area where they'll dry fast. This is wrong. Moisture drying off too quickly will leave spots or watermarks on the surface of the car. When this happens, it's back to square one. So look for a shaded area before you wash your car, or even better, do it in the afternoon.


Many young individuals look forward to saving enough money to be able to buy their first car. Yet these same people tend to drift off when it comes to the subject of cleaning the car. Now the above tips about polishing and waxing should at least make washing your car twice as easy.


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